Stelios Kaminarides

Stelios Kaminarides
Laboratory of Dairy Research

Professor of Department of Food Science and Technology of Agricultural University of Athens



Communication adress :
Kaminarides Stelios
Dairy Laboratory
Department of Food Science and Technology
Agricultural University of Athens
75 Iera Odos , 11855 Athens
Tel.: +30 210-5294672 (Office)
FAX: +30 210-5294641 ( Laboratory)

Professor Stelios Kaminarides took his first degree (B.Sc.) in 1976 and second degree (PhD) in 1988 from the Agricultural University of Athens (A.U.A). He started his professional career as Agriculturist in the milk industry "EL-ΒΙ-GAL” (1977-1979). He has worked in the A.U.A as Agriculturist researcher (1979-1980), Scientific Coworker (1980-1988), Lecturer (1988-1993), Assistant Professor (1993-2003), Associate Professor (2003 - 14.10.2010) and Professor from 15.10.2010. From 26.02.2010 until 31.08.2010 he has the direction of Dairy Laboratory. His research interests include the study, standardization and quality improvement of traditional cheeses of Greece and Cyprus, study of biochemical changes during cheese maturation, methods of detection of bovine milk in ovine cheese (adulteration), identification of yeasts, study of processed cheese and yoghurt, chromatographic separation of casein components in different kinds of milk and cheese rheology.


Resently publications in refereed journals :

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