Vassiliki Evangeliou

Vassiliki Evangeliou
Associate Professor
Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Analysis
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Ms. V. Evageliou studied Chemistry at the University of Athens and then obtained her Ph.D. degree from Cranfield University, UK. From 2002-2006 she taught at the University of Thessaly (Veterinary Department) and the Technological Institute of Lamia (Departments of Nursing and Physical Therapy). Since 2006, she is  at the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition as a Lecturer (2006-2012), an Assistant Professor (2012-2018) and currently as Associate Professor (2018-...)  in the field of Food Physical Chemistry.

Her scientific interests include the study of physicochemical properties of food (e.g. gelation, emulsification etc.), the study of hydrocolloids in solutions and gels using rheology, DSC, etc., the development of new products with reduced sucrose, the retention of aromatic compounds from biopolymer matrices, biopolymer food applications (e.g. in the freeze drying of aromatic plants, t in the antioxidant activity of food, in edible films and coatings etc) and Emulsions.


Selected publications

  1. Evageliou, V., Alevisopoulos, S. and Kasapis*, S. (1997) Application of stress-controlled analysis to the development of low fat spreads. Journal of Texture Studies, 28, pp. 319-335.
  2. Evageliou, V., Kasapis*, S. and Hember, M.W.N. (1998) Vitrification of k-carrageenan in the presence of high levels of glucose syrup. Polymer, 39, No.17, pp. 3909-3917.
  3. Evageliou, V., Richardson, R.K., and Morris*, E.R. (2000) Co-gelation of high methoxy pectin with oxidised starch or potato maltodextrin. Carbohydrate Polymers, 42, pp. 233-243.
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  5. Evageliou, V., Richardson, R.K., and Morris*, E.R. (2000) Effect of sucrose, glucose and fructose on gelation of oxidised starch. Carbohydrate Polymers, 42, pp. 261-272.
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  11. Drakos, A., Andrioti-Petropoulou, L., Evageliou*, V., Mandala, I. (2019) Physical and textural properties of biscuits containing jet milled rye and barley flour. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 56 (1), 367-375.


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