Efstathios Panagou

Efstathios Panagou
Associate Professor
Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
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He graduated from the Agricultural University of Athens in January 1988. He completed his postgraduate studies at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom during the period 1990-1991, where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Postharvest Technology. In 2002, he was awarded a doctoral degree in Food Microbiology from the Department of Food Science and Technology of the Agricultural University of Athens. He worked at the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF), initially at the Directorate of International Relations, Documentation and Informatics (1994-1998) and then at the Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products as research staff (1998-2007). In April 2007, he joined the Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Biotechnology at the Department of Food Science and Technology as a Lecturer. His research interests focus on (a) the application of rapid analytical techniques (FTIR, electronic nose, multispectral imaging) in the assessment of food spoilage in tandem with multivariate statistical methods and exploratory data analysis, (b) modelling microbial responses in various food ecosystems, (c) microbial ecology of fermented foods of plant origin with emphasis on table olives, and (d) effect of ecophysiological factors on the growth and toxin production of mycotoxigenic fungi on food. He has been involved in 25 research projects funded by the EU, national authorities and the private sector. In the period 2002-2020, he has published 115 original research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals of the SCI with ca. 2900 citations (h­-index = 31) according to the Scopus database and 11 book chapters. He is co-inventor of the “Probiotic Olives” patent and he has been distinguished twice with his team in the national competition ECOTRPHELIA in the years 2012 and 2015 with the products “Probiotic green olives” (2nd place) and “DIOS Valanoi” (award for best product presentation). He is member of the editorial board of Food Microbiology and Journal of Food Protection.

Representative scientific publications

  1. Tsakanikas, P., Karnavas, P., Panagou, E.Z., Nychas, G.-J.E. (2020) A machine learning workflow for raw food spectroscopic classification in a future industry. Scientific Reports 10, 11212.
  2. Manthou, E., Lago, S.L., Darges, E., Lianou, A., Tsakanikas, P., Panagou, E.Z., Anastasiadi, M., Mohareb, F., Nychas, G.-J.E. (2020) Application of spectroscopic and multispectral imaging technologies on the assessment of ready-to-eat pineapple quality: A performance evaluation study of machine learning models generated from two commercial data analytics tools. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 175, 105529.
  3. Papadopoulou, O.S., Iliopoulos, V., Mallouchos, A., Panagou, E.Z., Chorianopoulos, N., Tassou, C.C., Nychas, G.-J.E. (2020) Spoilage potential of Pseudomonas (P. fragi, P. putida) and LAB (Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Lactobacillus sakei) strains and their volatilome profile during storage of sterile pork meat using GC/MS and data analytics. Foods 9, 633.
  4. Kazou, M., Tzamourani, A., Panagou, E.Z., Tsakalidou, E. (2020) Unraveling the microbiota of natural black cv. Kalamata fermented olives through 16S and ITS metataxonomic analysis. Microorganisms 8, 672.
  5. Spyrelli, E.D., Doulgeraki, A.I., Argyri, A.A., Tassou, C.C., Panagou, E.Z., Nychas, G.-J.E. (2020) Implementation of multispectral imaging (MSI) for microbiological quality assessment of poultry products. Microorganisms 8, 552.
  6. Christofi, S., Malliaris, D., Katsaros, G., Panagou, E.Z., Kallithraka, S. (2020) Limit SO2 content of wines by applying High Hydrostatic Pressure. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies 62, 102342.
  7. Lytou, A.E., Renieri, C.T., Doulgeraki, A., Nychas, G.-J.E., Panagou, E.Z. (2020) Assessment of the microbiological quality and safety of marinated chicken products from Greek retail outlets. International Journal of Food Microbiology 320, 108506.
  8. Tryfinopoulou, P., Chourdaki, A., Nychas, G.-J.E., Panagou, E.Z. (2020) Competitive yeast action against Aspergillus carbonarius growth and ochratoxin A production. International Journal of Food Microbiology 317, Article number 108460.
  9. Pavli, F., Gkana, E., Adebambo, O., Karatzas, K.A., Panagou, E.Z., Nychas, G.-J.E. (2019) In vitro screening of γ-aminobutyric acid and autoinducer-2 signalling in lactic acid bacteria exhibiting probiotic potential isolated from natural black Conservolea olives. Foods 8, 640.
  10. Lytou, A.E., Panagou, E.Z., Nychas, G.-J.E. (2019) Volatilomics for food quality and authentication. Current Opinion in Food Science 28, 88-95.

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