Maria Georgiadou

Maria Georgiadou
Administrative Staff
Laboratory of Food Process Engineering
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Dr Georgiadou Maria holds a Bachelor Degree on Crop Science and a Master Degree on Food Science & Technology, with emphasis in Food Quality Management Systems and Hygiene from the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). She obtained her PhD in Food Engineering as a scholarship holder of the National Scholarship Institution in Greece in the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering of AUA. Her PhD thesis dealt with aflatoxin reduction strategies in agricultural products focusing in dry nuts. In 2012, she joined the research team of the Lab of Aflatoxin Reduction in Crops (University of Arizona, Tuscon) in U.S.A as a PhD candidate. She has been working as an Agriculture Engineer in Bayer AG in Crop Science Division at Registration Office and then in Marketing & Communication Department. Following, she served as a public employee at the Directorate of Agriculture & Veterinary in the department of Official Controls in agricultural products and food in Greece. Since 2009, works in parallel as a Lead Auditor (IRCA certified) gaining working experience in safety and quality assurance systems applied in rural production and food industry. In 2013, she jointed the Laboratory of Food Engineering & Processing in the Department of Food Science & Technology of AUA being involved in the teaching and researching work of the lab.  


Research Interests

Her research interests include the evaluation of the safety and quality status of the food products as affected through production, processing, and storage. Her field of research is mainly focused on the development of methods and systems in agricultural and food production with the aim of aflatoxin reduction.  Her work is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and in scientific conferences. In 2014, she received the 1st award for the best oral presentation in the 3rd International ISEKI Food Conference.


Representative publications

  1. Lydia Valasi, Maria Georgiadou, Petros A. Tarantilis, Stavros Yanniotis and Christos S. Pappas (2020). Rapid screening on aflatoxins’ presence in Pistachia vera nuts using diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy and chemometrics. Journal of Food Science & Technology. https://
  2. Lydia Valasi, Dimitra Arvanitaki, Angeliki Mitropoulou, Maria Georgiadou and Christos S. Pappas (2020). Study of the Quality Parameters and the Antioxidant Capacity for the FTIR-Chemometric Differentiation of Pistacia Vera Oils. Molecules 25(7), 1614.
  3. Iliada K. Lappa, Angeliki Maria Dionysopoulou, Spiros Paramithiotis, Maria Georgiadou and Eleftherios H. Drosinos (2019). Dual Transcriptional Profile of Aspergillus flavus during Co-Culture with Listeria monocytogenes and Aflatoxin B1 Production: A Pathogen–Pathogen Interaction. Pathogens 8(4), 198.
  4. M. Georgiadou, Chr. Gardeli, M. Komaitis, D.I. Tsitsigiannis, E.J. Paplomatas, K. Sotirakoglou and S.Yanniotis (2015). Volatile profiles of healthy and aflatoxin contaminated pistachios. Food Research International (74) p.89-96.
  5. M. Georgiadou, A. Dimou, S. Yanniotis (2012). Aflatoxin contamination in pistachio nuts: A farm to storage study. Food Control (26) p.580-586.


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