Stamatina Kallithraka

Stamatina Kallithraka
Laboratory of Oenology and Alcoholic Drinks
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Professor of Enology

Dr. Stamatina Kallithraka received a BA in Chemistry from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a MSc in Food Science from the University of Reading, UK and a PhD in Wine Chemistry from the University of Surrey, UK. From 1998 to 2011 she has been working as studies coordinator responsible for the M.Sc. studies of the Food Quality Dept. of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania. From 2001 to 2011 she was a researcher of the Wine Institute of the National Agricultural Research Foundation, responsible for contacting research within the frames of national or international research projects. From 2012 to 2022 she has worked as Assistant and Assοciate Prof. of enology in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department of the Agricultural University of Athens. Since July 2022 is Professor of enology. The original research work of Dr. Kallithraka has been published in a great number of international peer reviewed journals (over than 85), book chapters (7), prestigious world-wide conferences proceeding and abstracts in conference proceedings (over than 90). Her research work is focused on wine chemical composition and in particular macro-molecule content, antioxidant activity and on sensory analysis.

Representative recent publications

Terpou, A., Dimopoulou, M., Belka, A., Kallithraka, S., Nychas, G., Papanikolaou, S. (2019). Effect of myclobutanil pesticide on the physiological behavior of two newly isolated saccharomyces cerevisiae stains during very-high-gravity alcoholic fermentation. Microorganisms, 7, 666, 1-22.

Christofi, S., Malliaris, D., Katsaros, Y., Panagou, P., Kallithraka, S. (2020). Limit SO2 content of wine by applying High Hydrostatic Pressure. Journal of Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, (62), 102342

Kyraleou, M., Kallithraka, S., Gkanidi, E., Koundouras, S., Mannion, D.T., Kilcawley, K. (2020). Discrimination of five Greek red grape varieties according to the anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin profiles of their skins and seeds. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 92, 103547.

Basalekou, S., Pappas, C., Tarantilis, P., Kallithraka, S. (2020). Wine Authenticity and Traceability with the Use of FT-IR. Beverages, 6 (30), 6020030.

Christofi, S., Katsaros, Y., Mallouchos, A., Cotea, V., Kallithraka, S. (2021). Reducing SO2 content in wine by combining High Pressure and glutathione addition. Oeno-one, 1, 235-252.

Theocharis S., Nikolaou N., Zioziou E., Kyraleou M., Kallithraka S., Kotseridis Y., Koundouras S. (2021) Effects of post-veraison irrigation on the phenolic composition of Vitis vinifera L. cv. ‘Xinomavro’ grapes. Vol 55 (3), Oeno-One.

Christofi, S., Papanikolaou, S., Dimopoulou, M., Terpou, A., Cioroiu, B., Cotea, V., Kallithraka, S. (2022) Effect of nitrogen content on fermentation kinetics and aroma profile of Assyrtiko wine. Applied science, 12, 1405.

Vlachou, E., Christofi, S., Roussis, I., Kallithraka, S. (2022) Browning development and antioxidant compounds in white wines after selenium, iron, and peroxide addition. Applied Science, 12, 3834.