Ioanna Mantala

Ioanna Mantala
Laboratory of Food Process Engineering

Professor Ioanna Mandala is a staff member of Food Process Engineering Lab at the Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition of Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. She is a Chemical Engineer being graduated from National Technical University of Athens and she holds a Ph.D. performed in Food Engineering Lab at Agricultural University of Athens, focused on texture and microstructure of starch/hydrocolloids systems. During her studies she has collaborated with several research groups abroad, in Germany (Karlsruhe), France (ENSIA-Paris), and New Jersey, USA (Rutgers University). She has 69 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 80 presentations in international conferences and has written 11 chapters in books. All papers have achieved nearly 1700 citations (11/2020, and h-factor:26, according to Scopus search). She participated in 26 national or international research projects as member of the research team, scientific supervisor, or project coordinator, mainly focused on polysaccharides including starch in food, and emerging technologies applications, such as jet milling, ultrasonication or electrospinning in order that very fine structures are produced and investigated.
Selected publications

  • Protonotariou S. Ritzoulis C., Mandala I. (2021). Jet milling conditions impact on wheat flour particle size. Journal of Food Engineering (in press)
  • Paximada P., Kanavou E., & Mandala I. G. (2020). Effect of rheological and structural properties of bacterial cellulose fibrils and whey protein biocomposites on electrosprayed food-grade particles. Carbohydrate Polymers, 241
  • Apostolidis E., & Mandala I. (2020). Modification of resistant starch nanoparticles using high-pressure homogenization treatment. Food Hydrocolloids, 103
  • Kaltsa O., Yanniotis S., Polissiou M., & Mandala I. (2018). Stability, physical properties and acceptance of salad dressings containing saffron (crocus sativus) or pomegranate juice powder as affected by high shear (HS) and ultrasonication (US) process. LWT, 97, 404-413
  • Zhang X., Guo D., Xue J., Yanniotis S., & Mandala I. (2017). The effect of salt concentration on swelling power, rheological properties and saltiness perception of waxy, normal and high amylose maize starch. Food and Function, 8(10), 3792-3802
  • Tsatsaragkou K., Papantoniou M., and Mandala I. (2015). Rheological, physical and sensory attributes of gluten-free rice cakes containing resistant starch. Journal of Food Science, 80(2), E341-8
  • Protonotariou S., Drakos A., Evageliou V., Ritzoulis C.,Mandala I. (2014). Sieving fractionation and jet mill micronization affect the functional properties of wheat flour. J. of Food Engineering 134,24-29
  • Polaki A., Xasapis P., Fasseas C., Yanniotis S., Mandala I. (2010). Fiber and hydrocolloid content affect the microstructural and sensory characteristics of fresh and frozen stored bread. J. of Food Engineering 97, 1-7
  • Mandala I.G., Savvas T.P., Kostaropoulos A.E. (2004). Xanthan and locust bean gum influence on the rheology and structure of a white model-sauce. J. of Food Engineering 64(3), 335-342
  • Kostaropoulos A.E., Mandala I.G., Saravacos G.D. (1997). Rheological properties of beds of raisins. J. of Texture Studies 28(3), 305-317

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