Ioanna Mantala

Ioanna Mantala
Associate Professor
Laboratory of Food Process Engineering, Processing and Preservation of Agricultural Products

Dr. Ioanna Mandala is a Chemical Engineer (National Technical University of Athens) and she has a Ph.D. in Food Engineering (Agricultural University of Athens-AUA). Ph.D. Thesis: Texture & microstructure of products that contain starch. Improvement of their quality by gums’ addition (xanthan) (1997-2002)
During her studies she has worked with the research team of Prof. B. Launay and C. Michon of the Dépt. Science de l'Aliment, Laboratoire de Biophysique des Matériaux Alimentaires inENSIA (Εcole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires) in a frame of a fellowship given by the Embassy of France and Erasmus free-movers (I.K.Y. foundation, Greece, 2000). She has also worked in a research group  in BfEL (Bundesforschungsanstalt für Ernährung und Lebensmittel, 1994)  in Karlsruhe (Prof. A. Kostaropoulos and W. E.L.  Spiess), Germany. She was trainee researcher on dried fruits preservation methods and on sensory analysis methods.
From 2006 she is working as lecturer in Physical Properties of Foods in the Laboratory of Engineering of Foods of the Dept. of Food Science & Technology in AUA. From March to June of 2010 she worked as visiting scholar in the Department of Food Science, Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA, Dr. Q. Huang lab). Her research there was focused on bio-polymers interactions and their impact on O/W nanoemulsions stabilization.
Special areas of interest include: 

  • Rheology and microstructure of polysaccharides. Special focus on starch/xanthan interactions. Bio-polymers impact on the production & stability of sub-micrometer emulsions
  • Physical properties of new products with functional properties, which could be bakery (bread and gluten-free breads) and confectionary (biscuits) products or mixes for sauces/dressings. Impact of functional ingredients (mainly polysaccharides) on the final quality of products, in which are added.
  • Influence of storage conditions on the quality of the above products. Focus on storage conditions of bakery products (staling phenomena). Investigation also of storage stability. DSC studies. Destabilization phenomena (phase separation) of model-sauces products.
  • Influence of pre-treatment or processing on physical properties of the above products and of dried fruits like raisins.                                              
  • Food preservation & physical properties. Core technologies for preventing foods with emphasis in MW and freezing technology.


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*Corresponding author