Stavros Yanniotis

Stavros Yanniotis
Laboratory of Food Process Engineering, Processing and Preservation of Agricultural Products
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Research Interests
Heat and Mass Transfer in food processing, Modeling and simulation of food processes, Engineering properties of food materials, Energy and water conservation in food processing

Representative Publications

  • Dimou A., Panagou E., Stoforos N.G. and Yanniotis S., 2013. Analysis of Thermal Processing of Table Olives using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Journal of Food Science, 78 (11), pp. E1695-E1703.
  • Georgiadou M., Dimou A. and Yanniotis  S. 2012. Aflatoxin contamination in pistachio nuts: A farm to storage study. Food Control, 26, pp. 580-586.
  • Dimou A. and Yanniotis S., 2011. 3-D numerical simulation οf asparagus sterilization using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Journal of Food Engineering 104(3), pp. 394-403.
  • Kolokotsa D. and Yanniotis S.,2010. Experimental study of the boiling mechanism of a liquid film flowing on the surface of a rotating discExperimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 34, pp 1346-1352.
  • Yanniotis S. and Blahovec, J., 2009. Model Analysis of Sorption IsothermsLWT - Food Science and Technology, 42 , pp.1688-1695.
  • Blahovec, J., Yanniotis S., 2008. GAB Generalized Equation for Sorption PhenomenaFood and Bioprocess Technology , 1, pp. 82-90.
  • Υanniotis S., Petraki A., Soumpasi E., 2007. Effect of pectin and wheat fibers on quality attributes of extruded corn starchJournal of Food Engineering 80,  pp. 594-599.
  • Yanniotis S., Skaltsi S., Karaburnioti S., 2006. Effect of moisture content on the viscosity of honey at different temperaturesJournal of Food Engineering, 72, pp. 372–377.
  • Yanniotis S., and Xerodemas K., 2003. Air Humidification for Seawater Desalination. Desalination 158, pp. 313-319.
  • Yanniotis S. and Zarmboutis J., 1996. Water sorption isotherms of pistachio nuts. Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft und Technologie 29, pp. 372-375.
  • Υanniotis S. and Pilavachi P., 1994. Energy Consumption of Absorption-Driven Multiple Effect Evaporators. Journal of Food Engineering 23, pp. 543-554.



Stavros Yanniotis
Professor of Food Engineering
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
Agricultural University of Athens
Ieara Odos 75, 118 55 Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 529 4703



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