Research Projects

1) Food microbiology
  • Study of the natural preservative (phenolics-essential oils) in combination with biopreservation to improve the safety of new and traditional products; (1996-1998) Funded from GSRTof Ministry of Development- PENED α / α 870; Budget 8,000,000 drs (24,000 euros)
  • Development of model to predict fish shelf life (1999-01) Funded from GSRT of Ministry of Development- PAVE 99-be-252 Budget 10,000,000 drs (3,000 euros)
  • Safety of fish products; (1999-01) Funded from GSRT of Ministry of Development- PAVE 99-be- Budget 10,000,000 drs (30,000 euros)
  • Fermented meat products; (1988-2000) Funded from General Secretariat of Research & Technology of Ministry of Development; Budget 6,000,000 drs (18,000 euros)
  • Fermented vegetable (green peper); (1987-1989) Funded from Ministry of Agriculture Budget 3,000,000 drs (9,000)
  • Preservation and Processing of fish and fish products; GSRT of Ministry of Developmen; Ekvan contract 21 - Budget 42,000,000 drs (123,000 euros)
  • Traditional Greek salads – GSRT of Ministry of Developmen; EPET II, - Budget 8,000,000 drs (24,000 euros)
  • Integrated Quality control system for temperature-sensitive food handling and distribution
    Q-SENSIFO (EPAN-GSRT) budget 85,000€


International coordinator
  • "Improving the safety and the quality of meat and meat products by Modified and assessment by novel methods" Funded by European Union, Food Linked Agro-Industrial Research (FLAIR, project No.89055; DGXII); GR; UK ; IR; Budget 100,000 euros
  • "Modified atmospheres: a 'new' approach for the safety and the quality of fresh fish and fish products" (FAR- project No. UP-2-515; DGXIV) GR; UK . Budget 80,000 euros
  • "Predictive modelling of growth of food spoilage organisms, the effect of phenolics and chelator" Bilateral project UK and GR , Budget 3,000 euros
  • “Bio-control of olive fermentation; Microbiological and sensoric studies for the improvement of safety, quality and acceptability of the final product” FAIR 9526 project; GR, B, SP, NL Budget 130,000 euros;
National coordinator
  • "Natural Antimicrobial Systems: new technologies for food safety, quality and environmental protection" FLAIR Project 89057, GR; UK ; FR. Budget 100,000 euros
  • "Rapid quality determination; Standardised sensory Method for multi purpose use in the Food Fish Sector" FAR Project No.Up-2-452, ; NL, Dk , UK and GR. Budget 70,000 euros
  • ."Improvement of the safety and quality of refrigerated ready to eat foods using novel mild preservation techniques" AAIR-125; participants: UK , NL, FR, GR, IR Budget 120,000 euros
  • "Improving the quality and safety of whole fresh fish" AIR2-1496 project; participants P, UK , NL, GR , UK . Budget 130,000 euros.
  • "Predictive modelling of fish and meat products" Fair-1251 project; participants DK, NL, SW, IC, GR. Budget 70,000 euros
  • "Novel combinations of natural antimicrobials systems for the improvement of quality of agro-industrial products" FAIR-95-1066 ( UK , IRL, FR, GR, SWT, NL) Budget 100,000 euros
  • "Development, modelling and application of time temperature intergrator systems to monitor chilled fish quality" FAIR-95-1090 (GR, DK,FR) Budget 130,000 euros
  • “Development and implementation of natural antimicrobial agents from plants for food preservation ‘cipa-ct-1000’ NL, GR, RO, LT, POL ; Budget 30,000 euros
  • Escherichia coli 0157:H7 rpoS site-directed mutants: ability to compete and survive in food Marie-Curie 2000-2098 Budget 118,000 euros
  • “Microbiological quality monitoring of sterilized milk using innovative electrical, magnetic electromagnetic and optical technologies for rapid reliable and sensitive detection of the total spoilage – Microqual- QLK1-1036 (FR, NL, UK, GR) Budget 130,000 euros
  • Assessment and improvement of safety of traditional dry sausages from producers to consumers (Fr, Hu, It, Gr, Sp, Sl,) budget for AUA 185,000 €
  • Development and Application of a TT Safety Monitoring and Assurance System (SMAS) for Chilled meat products (Gr, Ir, UK, Sw, N, ) budget for AUA 250,000€
  • Traditional United Europe Food - TRUEFOOD (contact number FOOD-CT-2006-016264) (GR, DE, AT, BE, DK, ES, FR, HU, IT, NO, PL, PT, CZ, SI, SK, TR, UK), budget for AUA 400.000 euros.
  • "Physiology of Food poisoning microorganisms". AAIR-630 DGXII of EU
  • "Evaluation of fish freshness" Air3-2283
  • "Microbial Control in the Meat Industries"
  • "Process Optimisation and Minimal Processing of Foods" ct-94-0195
  • The preservation of Frozen food quality and safety throughout the distribution chain
  • Verotoxigenic Escerichia coli in Europe ct98-3935
  • Predictive modelling of microbial growth and survival in foods - cost914
  • Shelf life Prediction of foods Copernicus (CIPA-0120)
  • Pathogenic microorganisms in poultry and eggs- cost action97
  • Prevention and control of potentially pathogenic microorganisms in poultry and poultry meat processing flair –6
  • Genus Clostridium- QoLk2-1267
  • Fish Quality Labelling and Monitoring EU-FAIR PL98-4174
  • Introduction of quality index method (QIM) in the European fishery chain
  • EuRain European Union – Risk Analysis Information Network (Qol 2178)
  • e-ComBase combined database on microbial responses to food environment (QLAM 513)