Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Analysis


The Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Analysis (LFCA) offers advanced education and pursues cutting-edge research in the fields of Food Chemistry, Physical Chemistry of Foods, Food Analysis emphasizing on instrumental methods, and Human Nutrition. Moreover, the Laboratory maintains an open dialogue with stakeholders embracing a stakeholder-centric approach in the shaping of its strategy. The LFCA disseminates the achievements of its educational and research work to Food and Nutritional sciences academics, professionals and to society in general.

The strategy of the LFCA:

  • On the education of young scientists, aims at a) the development of systematic knowledge on the fields of LFCA b) the constant updating of the undergraduate program of the Department, c) the development of the postgraduate program in advanced subjects and d) the development of non-formal education programs designed for senior students, graduates or professionals.


  • On research, aims at the recruitment and capacity building of its researchers, at the development and updating of the research infrastructures in its premises, in the attraction of funding from national, European and private resources and in the networking with research teams in Academia and with scientific organizations in Greece and abroad.


The development of innovative inter-laboratory and inter-disciplinary approaches, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and the ongoing dialogue with institutions aim at:

  1. studying of food organoleptic characteristics
  2. improving the nutritional characteristics of foods, evaluating them with multiple methodologies, including clinical trials
  3. capturing and improving the nutritional intake and eating habits of the general population and in particular of vulnerable population groups
  4. organizing and / or evaluating nutritional interventions


  • On outreach, aims at the collaboration with academic, professional and social bodies, the dissemination of the results to multiple audiences, the participation in scientific working groups on issues related to the subjects of interests to the LFCA and in bodies of food and nutrition policy development, the participation in boards of national and international organizations in Greece and abroad. The LFCA aims to co-create decisions and recommendations on Food, Nutrition and Public Health at the political level.