Funded by the European Union

  1. H2020-818116 (2018-2022) Towards coordinated microbiome R&I activities in the food system to support (EU and) international bioeconomy goals
  2. ERASMUS (+) (2016-2019) “Fostering Academia-Industry Collaboration in Food Safety and Quality (FOODQA)
  3. Actions for Construction of New Infrastructures – Preparatory Phases (2012-2015) MIRRI-Microbial Resources Research Infrastructure
  4. LACTIMED, cross-border cooperation to promote typical dairy products in the Mediterranean (2012-2015).
  5. FP7-243471 (2010-2013) Table olive fermentation with selected strains of probiotic lactic acid bacteria. Towards a new functional food
  6. FOOD-FRENZ (2008) EU funded Study Visit Scholarship
  7. LEONARDO Ds VINCI. (2006-2008). e-dairy Farm:   Sustainable development of livestock farms (01 /10/ 2006 - 30 /09/ 2008). 
  8. FP6-007081 (2005-2010) Development of biotechnological tools for risk assessment at intra- and inter-cellular level throughout the food chain
  9. QLRT-01179 (2002-2005) Molecular Analysis and Mechanistic Elucidation of the Functionality of Probiotics and Prebiotics in the Inhibition of Pathogenic Microorganisms to Combat Gastrointestinal Disorders and to Improve Human Health
  10. EU-PROMOTING COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (2002 / GIRT-CT2001-05018) Baking technology and Bakery Equipment
  11. Accompanying Measures (2002) International symposium on enterococci in foods. Functional and safety aspects
  12. CRAFT–FAIR (1999-2001) Development of new dairy products based on goat milk
  13. FAIR (1997-2000) Enterococci in food fermentations. Functional and safety aspects
  14. FAIR (1996-1999) Improving of the quality of European hard cheeses by controlling interactions between lactic acid bacteria and propionibacteria
  15. FAIR (1996-1999) Identification and exploitation of the competitive properties of sourdough starters for the production of tasteful bread.
  16. FAIR (Αgriculture and Fisheries / 1998-1999 / FAIR-CT97-9340). Development and production of new dairy products based on goat milk
  17. COST-95 (1995-1997) Improvement of the quality of the production of raw milk cheeses
  18. EEC (1993-1996 / contract 1116/92-5.4) Comparative evaluation of methods for the detection of cows’ milk in cheese from ewes’, goats’ and buffalos’ milk.
  19. FLAIR (1991-1994) Selection and characterization of human probiotic strains
  20. ECLAIR (1991-1994) Isolation of new starter strains of lactic acid bacteria from cheese and fermented milks
  21. BRIDGE (1991-1994) Improvement and exploitation of lactic acid bacteria for biotechnology purposes
  22. MINE (1988-1996) Microbial Information Network in Europe
  23. BAP (1986-1989) Creation of a lactic acid cultures collection. Modelling and control techniques of thermophilic mixed cultures.
  24. BAP (1989-1990 / Contract no. BAP-0424) Upgrading the Greek microorganism culture collection to partnership to the MINE- Microbial Information Network in Europe – Network
  25. BΑP (B/BIOT-900006): (1990-1992). Study of the aroma compounds  of dairy products.
  26. EEC No 281/82 (1983) Applied Research on the improvement of cheese products in accordance with Com. Reg. EEC.

E.E. 42.1 : Study of the influence of added sheep’s milk to the utilization of whey proteins and the quality of the cheese made.

E.E. 42 .4 : Manufacture of cheeses from partially concentrated, by ultrafiltration, cow’s or sheep’s whey.

E.E. 42 .5 : Study of the proper materials for packaging manouri cheese, made from pronounced concentration of whey ultrafiltration.

E.E.  42 .7 : Improvement of quality of certain cheeses made from sheep’s milk.

Funded by the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology

  1. EREUNO-DIMIOURGO-KAINOTOMO (2020-2023) Optimization of technological characteristics and bio-functional features of dairy products by incorporation of bacterial cellulose from coffee waste
  2. EREUNO-DIMIOURGO-KAINOTOMO (2020-2023). Acid whey from yogurt: Turning an environmental burden into innovative added value end products
  3. EREUNO-DIMIOURGO-KAINOTOMO (2018-2021) A spatio-temporal observatory for evaluating vineyard and wine potential of the NEMEA VQPRD
  4. EREUNO-DIMIOURGO-KAINOTOMO (2018-2021) Application of modern analytical and chemometric techniques for the quality control- fraud of olive products
  5. Εmblematic action (2018-2020) The olive routes
  6. EREUNO-DIMIOURGO-KAINOTOMO» ΕΥΔΕ–ΕΤΑΚ 1885 (2018-2021) «Innovative equipment for ripening and storage of cheeses»
  7. ESPA (2014-2020). Innovative approaches of utilization and comparative advantages of the sheep’s and Goat's Whey of Epirus region.
  8. ESPA (2014-2015). Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Utilization of Research at the Agricultural University of Athens".
  9. Determination of PDO Cheese Authentication Indicators» (ΓΓΕΤ 2014-2016)
  10. PAVET (2014-2016) Developing methodologies for complete quality control-characterization of bioactive molecules of extra virgin olive oil and table olives, using modern techniques and chemometric analysis
  11. SYNERGASIA ΙΙ (2013-2015) Functional dairy and meat products with high added value fermented or enriched with new probiotic microorganisms isolated from Greek traditional products
  12. SYNERGASIA II (2013-2015) Implementation of innovative technologies in the production of yogurt with enhanced biofunctional properties
  13. THALES (2012 – 2015) Genome sequencing and characterization of Streptococcus macedonicus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis and Lactobacillus acidipiscis. Physiological, evolutionary and technological implications
  14. THALES (2012 – 2015) Exploiting of Natural Antioxidants in the breeding of Farm Animals for the production of Quality Products
  15. COMPETITIVENESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP (2012-2015) Determination of PDO Cheese Authenticity Indices
  16. Innovation Coupons for SMEs (2012) Katiki – Development of novel production processes
  17. ESPA Digital Convergence (2011-2013) Organizing and implementing digital repository at AUA
  18. PLATO (2010-2012) Unravelling the bactericidal mode of action of the antimicrobial peptide Macedocin produced by Streptococcus macedonicus ACA-DC 198
  19. RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT (2008-2011). Effect of diet on the physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics of sheep and goat milk of organic farms.
  20. PAVET 2005 (2006-2007) Use of High-Pressure Technology for the improvement of cheese yield and ripening characteristics of Greek cheeses
  21. BILATERAL AGREEMENT WITH NEW ZEALAND (2004-2006) Microbial ecology of traditional Greek cheeses. A pool of new dairy starters, a tool for cheese flavor improvement
  22. PLATO (2005-2006) Caractérisation biochimique fine des proteins majeurs de laits caprins issus de troupeaux de chèvres indigènes-Projets communs de Recherche et de Technologie, France-Grèce, 2003-2006
  23. PRΑXΕ (2004-2006) Streptococcus macedonicus as protective starter culture for the production of (semi)hard cheeses
  24. PLATO (2002-2003) Activités métaboliques de Propionibacterium essentielles à la production de fromages
  25. YPER 97 (1998-2002) Study of the Greek traditional rennet from lamb abomasa
  26. ΕPΕΤ ΙΙ (1999-2001) Biotechnological exploitation of microorganisms for the production of products of high added value, diagnostics, and food and sewage processing
  27. ΕPΕΤ ΙΙ (1999-2001) Selection of wild yeast strains for the improvement of wine making
  28. ΕPΕΤ ΙΙ (1999-2001) Development of a probiotic type of yogurt. Study of its influence on consumers’ health
  29. EPET II (1999-2001): / Project Code 97 DIATRO 27) Development of of novel products from goat’s milk. Study of nutrients of Greek traditional dairy products.
  30. PLATO (1997-1999) Innocuite et activite en sante humaine de nouvelles souches de Bifidobacterium a vocation industrielle
  31. PENED (1994-1999). A study of Graviera Kritis cheese.
  32. PENED (1996-1998) Purification, biochemical and genetic characterization of an X-prolyl-dipeptyl-aminopeptidase from Streptococcus thermophilus
  33. PAVE (1995-1997) Development of new dairy products using wild lactic acid bacteria starters
  34. EPET II (1995-1998) Improvement of the production of dry sausages, using wild lactic acid bacteria starters
  35. EPET II (1995-1998) Standardization of traditional Greek cheeses
  36. ΠΑΒΕ (1995-1997) Νέα γαλακτοκομικά προϊόντα με την χρήση Ελληνικών άγριων οξυγαλακτικων βακτηρίων
  37. PLATO (1988-1990) Etude genetique d'origine de divers characters phenotypiques des souches de bacteries lactiques thermophiles de la collection Greque ACA-DC

Funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation

  1. Strengthening Faculty members and Researchers and supplying high-value research equipment (2019-2022) Goat milk from Greek autochthonous breeds_A metagenomics approach
  2. Strengthening Faculty members and Researchers and supplying high-value research equipment (2019-2021) Laser Assisted Milk Analysis

Funded by the Greek Department of Economy and Development

  1. ESPA 2014-2020 Support researchers with emphasis on young researchers – 3nd Cycle (2019-2021) Kopanisti, the rock Greek cheese; what do omics technologies say about this?
  2. ΕSPΑ 2014-2020 Support for researchers emphasizing on young researchers – 2nd Cycle (2019-2021) Study of the properties of buttermilk from sheep dairy cream as a first step for its exploitation.

Funded by the Greek Department of Education

  1. ARCHIMIDIS ΙΙ (2012 -2014) Functional and potentially harmful food ingredients. Effect of electromagnetic radiation for the production of safe products
  2. PYTHAGORAS II (2005-2006) Determination of milk kind by chromatographic and spectophotometric methods
  3. ARCHIMIDIS ΙΙ (2005-2006) Study of the constituents’ loss in brine and of the changes in quality of Feta cheese during transportation and storage at different temperatures
  4. PYTHAGORAS Ι (2004-2006) Biosynthesis and regulation of the lantibiotic macedocin of Streptococcus macedonicus. Molecular and technological approach
  5. HRAKLEITOS I (2002-2005) The physiology of Streptococcus macedonicus under stress conditions


Funded by the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece


  1. Erasmus Plus - KA107_Higher education student and staff mobility between Programme and Partner Countries (2019-2021) Collaboration with Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  2. M. Kazou (2020-2021) «Exploring donkey milk via omics technologies»
  3. P. Maragkoudakis (2007-2008) «Safety characterization of Streptococcus macedonicus»
  4. M. Georgalaki (2000-2001) «The antimicrobial activity of Streptococcus macedonicus»

Funded by the Greek Department of Agriculture

  1. Collaboration and Innovation Unit Measure 16 Animal Probiotics (2020 – 2022)
  2. Collaboration and Innovation Unit Measure 16 Protective cultures in cheese making (2020 – 2022)
  3. Collaboration and Innovation Unit Measure 16 Probiotics in Yogurt (2020 – 2022)
  4. Collaboration and Innovation Unit Measure 16 Preparation and study of dehydrated cheeses by the freeze-drying method (lyophilization) (2020-2022)
  5. CLLD/LEADER Measure 19 (2014-2020) Eastern Peloponnese - Biosphere Reserve and Business Innovation Zones
  6. Rural Development - Reconstruction of the countryside, action 4.3 (2000-2006) ‘Study for the registration of Greek traditional products (Graviera Paros, Arsenikou Naxos, Graviera Tinos, Kefalotyri Kefalonia),
  7. Rural Development - Reconstruction of the countryside, action 4.3 (2000-2006). ‘Study for the registration of Greek traditional products (Ladotyri Zakynthos,, Kathoura Ikaria).
  8. TERRA-LORE (2004). Local and Regional Planning Observatory Network: Study of Ikaria dairy products.
  9. ELOG /OPEGEP (2005-2008 ‘Organic Livestock’. Physicochemical microbiological and rheological characteristics of sheep and goat milk of organic farms.
  10. ELOG /OPEGEP. (2004-2008) Validation tests. Demonstrative applications in organic farming
  11. ELGO/DIMITRA /ELOGAK (2010-2014). ‘Study of Traditional Products'. 
  12. ELGO/DIMITRA (1996-2000). ‘Comparative Study of the biochemical characteristics of "TELEME" cheeses made from goat's, sheep's and goat's and sheep's milk, during its maturation ',
  13. DIDAGEP (Dieuthinsis Diachirisis Agoron Georgikon Proionton) Κ 619. (1993-1995). Multy-years Integrated National Audit project. Assumption of the role of Reference Laboratories, Program.
  14. DIDAGEP (Dieuthinsis Diachirisis Agoron Georgikon Proionton) Κ 663/88 (1988-1990). ‘Semi-industrial production of whey cheese’,
  15. DIDAGEP (Dieuthinsis Diachirisis Agoron Georgikon Proionton). (1982-1992). Milk quality improvement Project.  K 615/85, 1153/86, 567/87
  16. DIDAGEP (Dieuthinsis Diachirisis Agoron Georgikon Proionton). Project 72.1 Κ1150/86. (1987-1990)Research on milk radiation contamination '.
  17. DIDAGEP (1983). Detection of antibiotic residues in the milk of the Greek market (1983)

Funded by the Greek Department of Health

  1. YYKA-132400 (2009-2011) Bacteriocins active towards microorganisms involved in periodontitis. Laboratory and clinical study

Funded by Third Parties

  1. Terra Lemnia» «Lemnos island – A characteristic agro‐pastoral mosaic of high biodiversity in the Aegean Sea (M6) (Terra Lemnia)» Medina, (2019-2020).
  2. Evaluation of agricultural and livestock practices that promote biodiversity in Lemnos. (Medina, 2019-2021).
  3. Study    to highlight and certificate of "Greek yogurt" as a product of "protected geographical indication-PGI."   (Hellenic Agricultural Organization (EAO- DIMITER, 2019-2020)
  4. Modern IR spectroscopy techniques for quality control of dairy products. »  (Tesco Group, 2018-2020).
  5. Evaluation of agricultural and livestock practices that promote biodiversity in Lemnos. (MAVA, 2018-2020).
  1. Microbial characterization of sourdough via metagenomics and conventional microbiological analysis (Chipita SA, 2017-2018)
  2. The Dairy Sector in Greece: Constraints and Opportunities for Existing Producers and Newcomers» Recharging Greek Youth to Revitalize the Agriculture and Food Sector of the Greek Economy  ) Stavros Niarchos Foundation, 2016-2020)
  3. Production of antibodies to determine the authenticity of dairy products (Interlab 2016-2018)
  4. Metagenomics analysis of the Feta cheese ecosystem and isolation of the first microbial consortia from this environment. John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation (2015-2016)
  5. Study to highlight the characteristics of traditional Paros products.    (Α.Σ Paros,   2014-2018)
  6. Evaluation study Test / Kit for detection of antibiotics in raw cow's, sheep's and goat's milk (2012-2013)
  7. Study of the ripening and preservation of white brine cheeses in large capacity tanks (2012-2013)
  8. Determination of functional organic acids in Greek olives’ ‘Elaiourgiki Cooperative (2011-2013)
  9. Determination of Goat Milk IgG from various regions of Greece (2011-2015)
  10. Evaluation of the thermal treatment of bovine milk, VIVARTIA S.A. (2010-2011)
  11. Development and Production of antibodies to determine the authenticity of Dairy Products (2010-2016)
  12. Fermented Calamon olives: an unexplored ecosystem, a pool of novel lactic acid bacteria starters, John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation (2009-2010)
  13. Assessment of the effect of surface treatment of Graviera Kritis cheese with natamycin on cheese characteristics, Union of the cheese makers of Rethymnon, Greek Milk and Meat Organization (ELOGAK) (2009-2010)
  14. Characterization of lactic acid bacteria strains as potential starters, Chr. Hansen, (2008-2010)
  15. Detection of caprine milk in ovine Halloumi cheese, Cyprus Milk Industry Organization, Cyprus (2000-2001)
  16. Production of novel dairy products, Cheesenet S.A., Greece (1998-2001)
  17. Παρασκευή πυτιάς από ήνυστρα μικρών μηρυκαστικών, PFIZER HELLAS (1993-1995)

Funded by the Research Committee – Agricultural University of Athens

  1. Purification and biochemical characterization of the X-prolyl-dipeptyl-aminopeptidase of the thermophilic bacterium Streptococcus macedonicus (2001)