The Research Strategy of the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering includes:

  • Support and implementation of original and applied research based on state of the art scientific knowledge of the design, application and control of food processing and preservation technologies, and mathematical modelling. Emphasis is given in solving open problems.
  • Enhancing scientific excellence by conducting doctoral dissertations and providing original, innovative knowledge and high quality educational activities, having a significant impact on regional and global development.
  • Creation of adequate research environment and faculty facilities for the support and dissemination of research and knowledge exploitation activities.
  • Emphasis on research that contributes to technological and economic development in key areas, such as bioeconomy and blue growth.
  • Competitive research funds from international and national organizations and effective synergies with the private sector and food industry for providing the highest level of innovations.

The research activities of the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering lie within the following:

  • Design and optimization of food processing and preservation
  • Mathematical modelling of changes and processes related to food products.
  • Study of physical properties of foods (rheological properties, color, macro- and micro-structure properties) and sensory parameters, with the aim to provide inter-correlations and define optimized methods of their measurement and utilization. Application on the design and development of improved food products (formulation engineering).
  • Application of size reduction technologies in micro- and nano-scale and investigation of the physical properties of the obtained structures with applications on flour for bakery products and nano-emulsions.
  • Food packaging (enhancing safety and extending shelf life of food products).
  • Biorefinery development using food industry waste and by-product streams and sustainability assessment
  • Bioprocess and food process design in the bio-economy era following circular economy practices.
  • Sustainable bioprocess engineering and development for the production of bio-based and biodegradable polymers for food packaging applications, biomaterials, bio-colorants and food additives.